• James Fethon


    A trailblazer at Head-On Renewables, James spearheaded the establishment of the Renewables division at Head-On Group in 2017. Armed with over two decades of experience as a qualified electrical engineer and solar installer, James is driven by a profound commitment to securing a brighter future for his children through active involvement in the renewables industry.
  • Tony Fethon


    Tony Fethon, a co-owner of Head-On Group, and a distinguished veteran in the electrical field with a remarkable three decades of experience. As a qualified electrical engineer, Tony's unwavering dedication, along with his team, extends to the renewable energy sector. His passion for the renewables industry is palpable, reflecting a lifelong commitment to sustainable solutions.
  • John Hewitt

    Managing Director

    With a nearly 15-year journey within the Head-On Group, John Hewitt brings his expertise as a qualified solar installer and a versatile team player. As the Managing Director, John's experience is deeply intertwined with the company's growth. His investment in the renewables industry echoes his dedication, mirroring the collective spirit of the team.
  • Tracy Vickers

    Accounts Manager and Director

    Tracy has been an integral part of the Head-On Group for nearly a decade, she serves as the Accounts Manager and Director. Her steadfast presence ensures smooth operations, guiding the team toward their goals. Beyond her numbers-driven role, Tracy is a staunch advocate for a green future, embodying Head-On Renewables' commitment to sustainability.
  • Tom Anderson

    Team Leader

    Tom Anderson, a qualified Solar Installer, joined our ranks in 2023 and swiftly established himself as a cornerstone of our team. Tom's skills and dedication make him an invaluable asset, epitomising the ethos of HeadOn Renewables. His energy aligns seamlessly with our mission to drive positive change in the renewable energy landscape.